Services to SME


he importance of SME sector is well-recognized world over owing to its significant contribution in achieving various socio-economic objectives, such as employment generation, contribution to national output and exports, fostering new entrepreneurship and to provide depth to the industrial base of the economy. India has a vibrant SME sector that plays an important role in sustaining economic growth, increasing trade, generating employment and creating new entrepreneurship in India.

PNBISL help SMEs who require business advisory services to enhance their international competitiveness in a highly competitive globalizing world. The SMEs find the services of reputed national and international consultants as not cost effective and often, not adequately focused. Recognizing this knowledge gap, PNBISL provide a suite of services to its SME clients. These include providing business leads, handholding during the process of winning an export contract and thus assisting the generation of export business on success fee basis, countries/ sector information dissemination, capacity building in niche areas such as quality, safety, export marketing, etc. and financial advisory services such as loan syndication, etc.

Our bouquet services to SME sector will include:

Project Identification
Market Surveys including overseas Market
Feasibility Report
Compliance of various permissions
Procurement of machinery and equipment
Preparation of project Report
Arrangement of Working Capital and Term Loan
Marketing tie up with large industries
Arranging seed capital / National equity fund
Merger and Acquisitions
Entire range of services in respect of public issue and listing in stock exchanges.
Placement of equity
Advisory services in respect of filing of various returns
Advisory services for FOREX and Import Export
Rehabilitation and Restructuring
Advisory Services in respect of Factoring
Advisory services in compliance of various laws i.e. Labour Laws, Companies Act, Factory Act, Income tax and other tax laws and Accounting Standards